Ragging Declaration


Ragging means and includes any type of physical or mental torture done by any individual or group of Individual either by words or by conduct which gives an apprehension in the mind of the Boy or girl that he cannot peruse his/her studies from any mental disturbance/ torture created thereby. Any person who aids or abets such an action shall be guilty of ragging

There shall be no ragging in and outside the teaching departments of the colleges Ground, Canteen or the Hostels and also the roads/Approaches leading to College.

If a person is found indulging in ragging directly, or indirectly and written complaint is received against him/her from the aggrieved student, the student is likely to be punished appropriately, if proved guilty, which punishment include suspension or expulsion from college, imprisonment, fine or both.

Any person affected by Act of ragging of can report his/her complaint to Principal or following members of Anti Ragging Committee formed in the college.

  • Dr. Vivek Kumar Sharma, Director cum Principal, +919816052889
  • Dr Vijay Dogra,Head ,Dept of Chemistry +919418101993
  • Mrs Mukesh Gupta ,Head ,Dept of Pol Science ,+919418864796
  • Dr Dhruv Dev Sharma ,Head Dept of Sanskrit ,+919816274815
  • Mr Anurag Sharma ,Astt Prof in Management, +9459061161
  • Mr Vineet Rana , Assistant  Prof in Computers ,+918988039909