Corporate Students Association under its Teacher in charge Mr Anurag Sharma , Assistant Prof in Management of the college organized multiple cleaning campaigns in and around the college campus to mark the celebration of the 3RD ANNIVERSARY OF SWACH BHARAT ABHIYAN on 29th September 2017, which included three major activities.


  1. Swachta Squad 1 took charge of cleaning a natural water shed near by the college campus which is prominently used by the local residents as well as college students. Natural water shed were a major source of water but now a days most of them are in very poor state. Realizing the importance of proper water management students enthusiastically initiated for cleaning the water shed. The water shed was in very poor state as water reservoir was filled with green algae and nearby area of the water shed was totally covered by bushes and leaves. Swachta Squad 1 whihch consisted of 8 members divided the work amongst themselves, one team started cleaning the nearby area and other team started to clean the reservoir. The whole task took more than 3 hours to complete. Students worked whole heartedly and cleaned the entire water shed and nearby locality.
  2. Swachta Squad 2 was assigned with cleaning and beautification of the college campus as it is rightly said that a beautiful ambience gives a great boost to productivity keeping that in mind members of Swachta Squad 2 started working on cleaning and trimming of mini garden near by the college Administration Block and after cleaning they painted stone pebbles around them along with flower pots. Their hard work and dedication towards the task gave a beautiful result and the whole task was completed in 2 hours.
  3. Swachta Squad 3 following the footsteps of Swachta Squad 1 undertook the task of cleaning the mount of bushes near by the college campus and all members with their tools and equipment cleaned the entire area backside of college administration block and nearby locality.


Images of the campaign uploaded in the gallery on college Website .