Important Guidelines

Students are expected to maintain proper discipline in and outside class rooms the following instruction should be noted for strict compliance.

  • Students are expected to be punctual in their classes. It is the discretion of the lecturer concerned to admit a late comer or not.
  • Students are required to leave the class room in an orderly manner after the periods is over. They should not roam corridors while classes are on, strict action will be taken against defaulters.
  • Students are expected to show due respect to the teaching staff behave properly towards fellow students & be courteous to the college office staff and also to the visitors who come from outside. Misbehavior will entail proper disciplinary action.
  • Boys must extend every consideration to girls students and girls too also extend to conduct themselves with dignity modesty & simplicity.
  • Serious notice will be taken on the students found sitting in ground, canteen or loitering out side, while their classes are going on.
  • Smoking or playing of transistors, using mobile in college campus is strictly prohibited.
  • Students must not cause any damage to the college building furniture or property. Disciplinary action will be taken against those, who are found guilty of causing damaged to college property.
  • Students must make it a point to look notice board and read fresh notice. Ignorance of orders duly displayed on the notice board shall not be accepted as an excuse for non-compliance.
  • Students found guilty of misconduct in any form shall not be eligible for any prize or scholarship, fee concession or financial aid, membership of SCA or any other important office of any college society.
  • Use of mobile phones are strictly banned in college campus.
  • College reserves the rights to Suspend rusticate and hand over the miscreant outsiders or College students to the Police Authorities in case any immoral or misconduct reported to the college administration.